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Cohort4Women reach for their Goals

Cohort4Women reach for their Goals

We actively encourage our women to create their own goals, however small or big. Two of our women are now in higher education, now motivated after abuse halted their progression into higher level study. One has undertaken college short courses and a fourth has set her mind to do her podiatry qualification.

One woman has found work, and in what seems like no time at all, is being promoted. One of our women has set up her own micro business and a second is discussing another business venture with us this week. We have one of our #HOPE women undertaking work experience with us to improve her C.V., and others attending training events, short courses and events.

When life knocks the wind from your sails, the support of other women, together within a self determining support group can rebuild confidence, raise self worth, and can enable women to reach for their goals! Go @Cohort4Women, go!!!! we are proud of you all. @Cohort4Women

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