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Women Supporting Women, a personal perspective

Women Supporting Women, a personal perspective

Whilst being a part of Cohort 4 I have been supported through some of the most traumatic times of my life, some of those are historic and had a significant impact on my mental health and self esteem, however, the support offered has been incredible.  I now feel like I have a healthy support network to turn to. This is something that I’ve always dreamt of. The feeling of acceptance is indescribable, it’s something I’ve never had before and never imagined I would ever have.

When the opportunity arose to go on a weekend trip away to Wales I initially jumped at the offer, however, as the time grew closer my anxiety levels grew also; again the support offered over the weekend and leading up to it was something I’d never thought possible.  It was more than a weekend away and the memories made I will always hold dear. More than anything it was the late night conversations that really meant the most, listening to the other women and the stories they shared and the effect their previous experiences had left on them reassured me that I wasn’t alone and that I wasn’t insane.

The greatest thing is knowing that we could pour our hearts out without the fear of being judged, belittled or ridiculed, as well as knowing once we left the cottage, that is where the experiences would stay and we could return back to ‘normal’ life at the end of the get away.

I’m honestly stuck for words how much four days helped me and brought out some many different things that I’m proud of, and it’s made me realise a lot about myself, some wonderful things and some things that I need to work on.  I never imagined a weekend in Wales would end up meaning so much.

Through Cohort 4 I have not only found some of the world’s most amazing women, I’ve also made friends for life.

Chloe (21yrs)

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