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Cohort 4 women take a break

Cohort 4 women take a break

‘Sandcastles and flags !! Cant wait !!! This time next week be on holiday !!!!!!! So excited Xxx’

A text today from one of our very excited young women joining us on our Landmark Trust break next weekend. A wonderful young woman who last considered herself ‘on holiday’ during a 6 year period in a U.S. jail after becoming involved in crime whilst living in total fear of an abusive man. She is able to make light of a dreadful experience. Her excitement is infectious, we all share her joy.

Surviving experiences of trauma, loss and loss of self confidence takes time and the activities, friendship and now, a short break all help to bring a woman back into the community, to improve self confidence and worth. Surviving.

Whether our woman will still be so excited after sharing a room with me snoring in her ear, who knows, however, we feel so privileged to have been chosen by the Landmark Trust to give our lovely women a real treat. #womensupportingwomen

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