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Cohort 4 Women – an independent evaluation

Cohort 4 Women – an independent evaluation

Lauren Morris was the successful University of Birmingham Enterprise Internship candidate for Cohort 4 for 2015/16. Lauren has been working to complete a pice of research evaluation looking at the success of the Cohort 4 Women project funded by the Coalfields Regeneration Foundation. 3 women state that this fund enabled them to find employment. All women could that their confidence,  self esteem and recovery from lived histories of abuse had improved as a result of being involved with this project.


Overall, Cohort 4 Women has been an extremely successful project, and the organisers and Board of Directors should be extremely proud of the fantastic work that has been carried out. Due to this project, the clients of Cohort 4 have improved their self-confidence massively and achieved skills and opportunities that would have otherwise been unavailable to them. Cohort 4 offers a unique and distinctive service to survivors of domestic and sexual violence that is rare to see, and this is evidenced by the extremely positive results obtained throughout this evaluation. The quotes that have been included from clients will hopefully demonstrate just how phenomenal the impact of Cohort 4 Women has been on their lives.

It has been recognised that these women are reliant on the support and opportunities that Cohort 4 Women have to offer, and further funding will only serve to improve the experiences that Cohort 4 have to offer. There is so much room for development of this fantastic organisation, and so many more women that could potentially be helped by the work that is carried out. The author hopes that this evaluation has served its purpose, and demonstrated the fantastic achievements that could be obtained with continued support of Cohort 4.

Finally, this evaluation will finish with a quote that speaks volumes about Cohort 4.

“I can honestly say, without Cohort 4, I wouldn’t be here today.”

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