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A Good Nights Sleep

A Good Nights Sleep

“For the first time in ages i had a good nights sleep.” This is the wonderful comment of a woman who came to Cohort 4 this week for reassurance.

We often contain our fears, anxieties and terror in our own heads. This can prevent sleep, relaxation and even normal functioning as our worries overtake our minds. Sometimes, just talking to a stranger and voicing these fears takes away all of the power of another and the situation we face. We give others power against us in so many cases and the reality of situations can often be over thought, over stated or become unmanageable.

in the case of a woman who is fearful of an ex partner, sometimes it helps to talk through safety planning, to allow the thoughts to come out, to consider thoughtfully with another person’s patient and listening ear, and to replace these fears in a more meaningful and empowering order in our heads.  Of course there are many incidences where those fears are a reality and as well as listening support and recovery, practical assistance is required from emergency services and from more specialist agencies…it is about knowing when this is appropriate and who to link with.

To do nothing isn’t an option, but there are a shortage of women’s centres, safe spaces and wonderful support organisations to help. These community facilities are desperately needed given the amount of abuse perpetrated against women and girls, and when we at Cohort 4 can help, we do so, without judgement and with empathy for the women who come to us.

A listening ear, a kind word, encouragement and empowerment. Powerful.

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